Originally published on The Student Journals: http://studentjournals.co.uk/2014/10/students-waste-2000-on-takeaways-during-their-degree-and-order-four-times-more-than-rest-of-the-uk/

Students at British universities spend £2775 on takeaways during their degrees – that’s 60% of an entire year’s maintenance loan. Sushi, Thai and Mexican are among the top 10 most popular choices.

The survey of 10,000 university students around the UK, conducted byHungryhouse.co.uk, found the average monthly spend on takeaways is £102.77. That totals to an average £924.90 per academic year on takeaways, and £2274.70 over a 3-year degree course.

Students also order far more often – an average of 8.3 times per month – in comparison to the UK average of just 1.95 orders per month. Our orders cost £5.03 less than the UK average basket size of £17.40, however.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are peak student ordering times, with Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds students being the most likely to give into late-night cravings between 10pm and 1am.

Birmingham students are the most likely to indulge in an easy dinner, averaging at 9.8 takeaway orders per month. Manchester students are the biggest late-night spenders – forking out £110.20 on 9.5 orders monthly, and being the most likely to place orders after 10pm.

There was also a 67% increase in orders over freshers’ week and 53% spike in summer exam period last year. But Durham and Cardiff students resisted, coming in as the cities with the lowest ordering average.


Infographic credit: Amy Ashenden. Photo credit: Alpha / Flickr


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