Originally published on The Student Journals: http://studentjournals.co.uk/2014/12/warwick-students-and-professors-protest-again-demanding-copsoffcampus-students-show-solidarity-nationwide/

Following yesterday’s violent clash at the University of Warwick, around 500 professors, sabbatical officers and students united today to protest against police brutality, and some intend to occupy a campus building overnight.

Statements were read this afternoon by friends of those arrested last night as their bail conditions bar them from campus, except for lecture attendance. The SU president Cat Turhan told the crowd she condemned the force police had used on students.

The protest then moved across campus with shouts of “cops off campus” and “who’s university? Our university” to the Rootes building, where many began a sit-in and intend to stay overnight.

The Rootes building has now been evacuated except for protesting students, who are expected to make a list of demands regarding yesterday’s events.

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Warwick Students’ Union made an online statement earlier today saying that the violence was ‘unprecedented on our campus’ and that the footage captured by students in attendance is ‘deeply disturbing.’ Amnesty International has alsoraised concerns.

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“I was happily surprised about how many people showed up. It’s easy to say you’re going on Facebook and then not show. It’s pretty cool to see the commitment of students to a cause like this,” said a second year student present tonight.

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“It was heartening to recognise various members of staff at the protest; I feel it’s an issue that shouldn’t just be between students,” Emma Axelsson told TSJ from the protest.

Thursday’s demonstration was not entirely peaceful, however, as this footage appears to show students forcibly removing the back doors to Senate House, the scene of Thursday’s police clash.

“They’re undermining their whole message,” says University of Warwick student Samuel Lovett, who sent in the footage.

Across the UK, students demonstrated in solidarity and an online petitioncreated. Students from the University of Sussex showed solidarity by occupying Sussex House around 19.00 today, and some from SOAS showed their support.

Over 1400 signatures have gathered on the online petition started it was started today by alumni and staff from the University of Warwick, demanding an apology and the university to take legal action against the police.

History MA student Lawrence Green told Channel 4 News about the incident on Thursday: “One of my friends was dragged across the room by the scarf around her neck. I asked them not to do that, then police said “Get back! Get back, or I’ll use CS spray!” Then they sprayed it in my eye.

“There wasn’t much time or space for me to move really. Within seconds of the CS spray being pointed at me it was being sprayed in my face.”


At the time of writing students remain inside the Rootes building and intend to stay the night.

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